Bridges Christian Church

Student Pastor Job Description

We are seeking a capable and committed Christian to assume leadership in our Student ministries. The Student Pastor at Bridges Christian Church will be responsible for both the Middle School and Senior High School ministries. This is a full-time salaried position.

Bridges is a multi-generational church in Russell, Kentucky. The church is associated with the Christian Churches of the Restoration Movement (also known as the Stone-Campbell Movement). We average thirty to forty 6th – 12th graders in our student worship gatherings.  We are well known throughout our community for our emphasis on high-quality student programs.

General Description

This vital role will provide pastoral leadership for students 6th – 12th grades, their parents, and the volunteer leaders. The Student Pastor provides leadership over activities and programs focusing on the spiritual growth and development of 6th – 12th grade students both in church-based activities and in the context of their families.

Worship and Christian Education: The Student Pastor will be the primary speaker/teacher for student gatherings. It is very important that the Student Pastor is not only Biblically accurate when teaching but also connecting to the students inside and outside of Sunday morning and Sunday evening services. The Student Pastor will also work on discipling students to assist and serve in other areas of the ministry. The Student Pastor will occasionally work cross functionally to assist with other areas of ministry such as Upward Sports, Winshape, VBS, King’s Kids, and other summer camp experiences.  The Student Pastor will be responsible for leading and shepherding students and volunteers, building and developing volunteer teams, directing, organizing, and leading the Student Ministry of Bridges Christian Church. This role will be expected to make efforts when it comes to evangelism and outreach outside the walls of the church.

Family-centered: Bridges is committed to fostering intergenerational experiences and strengthening families. This is often called a family-based ministry approach. Parents (or other caregivers) are partners we try to engage and support. Although ministering directly to students is central, encouraging and supporting their families is also important.

Essential Job Functions

  • Design, lead, and facilitate student worship, Bible learning, and spiritual-formation activities for middle school and high school age students.
  • Recruit, encourage, equip, and lead volunteer leaders who serve within the student ministry programs of the church.
  • Engage parents and caregivers to support and equip their families, recognizing the central role God assigns families in faith formation.
  • Assist in the development and oversight of the budget as it relates to student ministries.
  • Serve within the Bridges team of pastors and staff. This includes scheduled staff meetings, sharing in roles such as hospital calling, and cooperating with other ministry areas when extra help is needed. A key part of Bridges is that all pastors pitch-in and help one another from time to time.
  • Promote an environment where students feel connected to each other as a church family; where each student is valued and celebrated.
  • Maintain appropriate office hours to ensure consistency and availability. Bridges operates in an atmosphere of freedom and empowerment, and rigid hours have rarely been set or needed.
  • Guard, nurture, and invest in your own personal relationship with Christ. Maintain moral purity and integrity as befits a servant-leader of Jesus Christ.

Education and Experience

We recognize there are multiple paths of education and life experience that God uses to prepare men and women for leadership ministries. We are hesitant in laying out what may be considered typical preparation for ministry.  We know God has raised up effective and life-changing leaders out of unexpected life circumstances.

A higher education foundation in Christian ministry from a Christian university or seminary is certainly very desirable. This is especially true if the ministry training includes a focus on student/youth ministry. Another common scenario is a person with a bachelor or master’s degree in teacher education. With or without those educational backgrounds, a person’s life experience and passions can be critically important for God to use her or him in a student ministry role. If you believe God may have equipped you for this role, we are certainly open to hear your story.

Christian Beliefs and Life

It is essential for our Student Pastor to be a mature practicing Christian. He or she also needs a level of biblical knowledge appropriate for this role in church leadership. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. At the same time, understand we may also have questions for you regarding your faith journey, your current life, and your beliefs.

To become a candidate ~

Please submit a resume to:

Kevin Fraley/ Executive Pastor Bridges Christian Church
1402 Kenwood Drive
Russell, KY 41169