A Fun Learning Environment

Bridges Children

Each week we strive to present biblical truths in creative, memorable ways. We partner with parents in modeling loving, christian relationships and we strive to provide exciting opportunities for growth and learning. We do this so that a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ can begin.

The children’s area is designed for children birth to 5th grade and is a fun learning environment for kids. It’s free, totally secured and offered during all Sunday morning services.

For more information, email:
Kathy Bennett, kbennett@bridgeschristianchurch.org
Josh Tinkler, jtinkler@bridgeschristianchurch.org

August Parent Cue

Monthly Virtue


Dentists recommend brushing your teeth two minuets every day. So we are challenging our kids to read their bible every day for two minuets before they get on a device (tablets, games systems, phones, TV, etc.). If we need to take care of our teeth two minuets a day, then we defiantly need to make time to take care of our spiritual heath! Below are two different devotions based on the age and maturity of your child. They go right along with what we talk about on Sunday mornings. Hopefully they will help your child grow to know Jesus better!

Weekly PDFs can be downloaded with the links below: