Fall 2020 King’s Kids Update …

What a crazy world we are living in right now. School looks a lot different this year because of the COVID-19 virus. We know it is hard to balance being clean and safe while still living a fun, joy filled life. God alone can give us real joy. This is even more clear during the hard times we must go through. I know many of our kids have missed King’s Kids and it’s not fair that they put in all that hard work last year and didn’t get to do a performance. I have to trust that God is still big and that the kids still learned a lot in the short time we had together last semester.

Since singing projects spit more than even talking (kinda gross, I know), we have chosen NOT to do King’s Kids during the 2020 fall semester. We will reevaluate everything to see if we can start back for the 2021 Spring semester. These are hard decisions to make. Keep praying for all of our leaders having to make these choices that will impact our kids for years to come.

Thank you for being amazing parents! Keep pouring into your kids and know that God is big!

Keep Singing,
Mr. Josh